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Read What Clients Are Saying

Check out what some of our satisfied clients have to say about the massage therapy services provided by TRMT Massage Therapy in Houston, TX.

" I had lower back soreness and was very stiff and had been unable to get loosened up... pan in my left from two old injuries... and getting body cramps in my feet at night while sleeping. In three months since seeing Diana,, I have no nightie cramps, my back and legs are pain free. I am much more limber and mobile. My energy level is much higher and have lost 5 pounds & many inches. My legs and arms appear much slimmer and have increased muscle definition. I see Diana for Personal Neuromuscular Massage and Personal Training. I am very pleased with the results and will continue with Diana's treatments." William D. Kruse

"After only a couple of sessions, am able to stand up straight and see the definition of my muscles around my arms... incredible part is that inches of belly fat and back fat are gone," Monica Morales

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the years that you have worked so hard in improving my health, circulation and stamina. Without your therapy, I know that I would not be able to walk or function to the level that I do with diabetes and heart trouble. You have gone the “second mile” in your scheduling and therapy, and for this, I cannot thank you enough. Your professionalism and friendship mean the world to me. I count on our continued relationship in the future to insure that my mobility and circulation remains at the best level possible.” – Charlotte R. Crawford

“I reached my 50s a few years ago, with a bum hip and lots of old sports injures, all made worse by my life spent behind a desk. Chronic pain was becoming too frequent to enjoy either sports or work as much as I'd like. With Diana's therapy, I now have my life back. As a result of steady application of her trigger point technique, I feel my body processing oxygen to the muscles more effectively, and it's reflected in my swimming, elliptical and other training activities. She even has accelerated the healing of chronic joint injuries that doctors have been able to do nothing with. It is the first bodywork or therapy that has worked for me. If you have chronic issue like mine, it is worth trying out!” – Kenneth S. Culotta

“I came to Diana with an immobile body, numbness in my arm and excruciating pain. She relieved all of this in a few sessions. As I continued weekly sessions of healing therapy, I noticed an added benefit of inches lost, especially on my thighs and calves. At 55, I no longer have the arthritic symptoms of knee, hip and hand pain I thought were “normal” for my age. I cannot bestow enough thanks to Diana for the remarkable work she has done and continues to do for me.” – Amy K. Winn

Hi Diana, I wanted to thank you for the bodywork. Before the bodywork I had no feeling in my left hip, the next day I felt a burning sensation on and off throughout the day but not painful. It made me think about you saying we need to fire back up the nerves. You also focused on my stomach, because, ever since my surgery I have not been able to get it down. It was so soft and flatter afterwards. The back fat under my bra went away and the side fat form y bra strap (between my armpits and breast) is down as well. I feel like my posture is better with upper and lower back. All this wonderful result in less than an hour. Looking forward to two proposals that you discussed with me. Thank you, Sara Johnson 

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