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TRMT massage therapy

TRT massage therapyy

 Wellness light touch massage for your growing child
  • Touch stimulates the body in a positive way to grow and develop
  • Stimulates motor development, eases tension and pain from joints has the bodies grows
  • Increases the ability concentrate.
  • Increases good sleeping pattern
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Increase focus, balance and stability in their everyday activities and many more benefits.

Infant Massage 0-1 yr

Development Massage

Prices   $39.99


Toddler Massage 1-4 Years

Motor  Development Massage

Prices   $39.99


Pre-School 3-5 Year

Physical Growth Massage

Prices   $39.99-$55.00


Grade school 5-12 Year

Confidence with less joint pain Massage

Prices   $39.99-$65.00  


Teenagers 13-18 Years   

Confidence & stress free Massage

Prices $39.99-$75.00


Young Adults 18-21 Yrs

Confidence  for college Massage

Prices   $39.99-$99.00

Prices may vary on severity of chronic pain on bodywork on any one specific case per client.